Survey reveals brands consumers trust most on self-driving cars

Nearly a third of consumers would trust carmaker Tesla more than any other company to bring a self-driving car to market, a poll has found.

The survey, which was conducted by car buying and selling platform Autolist in the weeks after high-profile fatal crashes involving both Tesla and Uber vehicles, found that 32% of respondents would trust Tesla the most when it comes to bringing to market an autonomous vehicle.

However, more than one in four of those polled (27%) said that they wouldn’t trust any company to do so.

Of the legacy carmakers, Toyota ranked the highest, with 15% of respondents saying they trusted it the most to bring a self-driving car to market.

GM, which hopes its Cruise autonomous vehicle will be the first production-ready car with no steering wheel, pedals or manual controls, came second among the legacy carmakers, trusted by nearly one in ten (9%) of those polled.


Image courtesy of Autolist


Waymo, the Google spinoff that has racked up several million autonomous miles driven on public roads, came last in the poll, with fewer than 1% of respondents saying they trusted the company the most to bring a self-driving car to market.

However, noted Autolist, the poll did not specify that Waymo was a subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet, potentially suggesting that poor name recognition could have impacted its position.

When it came to ride-hailing firms, only 2% of participants rated Lyft as the most trustworthy brand, while 6% opted for Uber.