Our top ten most-read posts of 2018


This year promises to be a fascinating and important one in the fast-moving world of autonomous and connected vehicles.

But before it gets properly underway, we thought we’d look back at the articles you were most interested in reading in 2018.

Our top ten stories cover a range of issues, from potholes to consumers’ feelings about self-driving cars to the countries most prepared for autonomous vehicles.

Our interviews with industry experts also proved popular in 2018, with two of them making the top ten. Keep an eye out for more of these coming soon!

N.B. not all of these articles were published in 2018, yet they’re the ones that continued to capture readers’ attention throughout the year.

10. Drive.ai raises $50 million to boost self-driving car technology

As the battle for the driverless dollar continues, self-driving tech company Drive.ai raised $50 million, aimed at boosting the company’s technology development and increasing its global reach and scalability.

9. Could connected cars help to reduce potholes?

They’re the bane of many motorists’ lives – badly maintained road surfaces littered with potholes. But this barrier to smooth driving could one day disappear with the help of connected vehicles…

8. Majority of Americans ‘unlikely’ to use self-driving cars, finds poll

Despite industry investment in autonomous vehicles and automated driving technologies, more than half of Americans (54%) said they were unlikely to use fully self-driving cars when they arrive on the roads.

7. Interview – Professor Daniel Sperling, UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies

We spoke to Professor Daniel Sperling about his new book, Three Revolutions: Steering Automated, Shared, and Electric Vehicles to a Better Future.

6. Interview with an expert – Andreas Herrmann, University of St. Gallen

In another of our industry interviews, we spoke to Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann from the University of St. Gallen about his new book Autonomous Driving: How the Driverless Revolution will Change the World.

5. British company reveals autonomous-ready electric truck

Although this news story was published quite a while ago, it still continued to attract interest in 2018. Is there perhaps lots of pent-up demand for an autonomous-ready electric truck?

4. Which countries are most prepared for autonomous vehicles?

Governments the world over are planning for the advent of autonomous vehicles. In a new ‘Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Index’, KPMG explored which countries are most prepared for autonomous vehicles.

3. Waymo granted first fully driverless vehicle permit in California

California’s Department of Motor Vehicles announced that it had issued a permit authorising Waymo to test fully driverless vehicles on public roads in Santa Clara County.

2. New mobility tech to drive 40% of auto industry profits by 2035, predicts report

Research by the Boston Consulting Group found that new mobility technology will drive 40% of automotive industry profits by 2035, as the convergence of three trends – vehicle electrification, autonomous driving and shared mobility – changes the sources of industry profitability.

1. Connected car drivers not keen on self-driving cars, finds survey

Despite their assumed image as early adopters of technology, a survey of connected car owners found that they aren’t particularly interested in handing over driving duties to self-driving cars.

What are you expecting to read about most in 2019? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.