Children’s book on self-driving cars premiered at Frankfurt Book Fair

A pile of 'Where Do Cars Go at Night?' books

As driverless cars move ever closer to becoming a reality on the roads, one industry challenge will be to educate people about the benefits of self-driving cars.

And one company appears to be thinking ahead to tomorrow’s consumers, showcasing the first children’s book about self-driving cars at this week’s Frankfurt Book Fair.

The twenty-five page English-language book, "Where Do Cars Go at Night?", was produced by moovel lab, the research arm of Daimler’s mobility services unit moovel Group.

“Where Do Cars Go at Night?” aims to present the complex topic of autonomous driving in an easy-to-understand way.

The illustrated book shows how autonomous driving could change people’s lives in the future, through the day-in-the-life story of a self-driving car called ‘Carla-15’.

In the book, Carla-15 and her car friends drive people around during the daytime, while at night they shop, sweep the streets and water plants in the park.

The idea of these examples is to show how self-driving cars might be used in new fields to relieve some of the burden on cities, say the authors.

By doing so, moovel hopes to encourage children and adults to take part in discussions about the future of mobility.

‘Where Do Cars Go at Night?’ was premiered at the Frankfurt Book Fair this week, alongside other moovel Group projects.